Albums Mark of the Necrogram

1. Mark of the Necrogram 2. Odium Caecum 3. Tsar Bomba 4. Lamashtu 5. Sacrosanct 6. Pesta 7. Requiem for a Dying Sun 8. Crown of Horns 9. From the

Albums Womb of Lilithu

1. Womb of Lilithu 2. Splendour Nigri Solis 3. Astaroth 4. Furfur 5. Black Night Raven 6. The Necromancer 7. Marquis Phenex 8. Asmodee 9. Marchosias 10. Matanbuchus 11. Paimon

Albums Death to All

1. Celebration of the Goat 2. Revelation 666 3. La Santisima Muerte 4. For Those Who Stayed Satanic 5. Temple of Damnation 6. The Tower 7. Wings of Death 8.

Albums Hrimthursum

1. The Slaughter of Baby Jesus 2. Blinded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness 3. I Strike with Wrath 4. Age of Chaos 5. Bloodshed Eyes 6. The Crossing 7. Eternal

Albums Bloodhymns

1. Taste of Black 2. Dreams Shall Flesh 3. Act of Rebellion 4. Shadowseeds 5. Mourningsoul 6. Helfire 7. Cult of Blood 8. Roots of Heldrasill 9. Blood Anthem 10.

Albums The Third Antichrist

1. Rise of the Infernal 2. The Third of Arrivals 3. Frozen Empire 4. Into Armageddon 5. Eye of the Storm 6. The Unhallowed 7. Isaz 8. The Throne of

Albums Darkside

1. Black Moon Rising 2. Spawned by Evil 3. Bloodthirst 4. Venaesectio (Episode One) 5. Darkside 6. The Call 7. Descension (Episode Two) 8. Nailing the Holy One 9. Nifelhel

Albums The Nocturnal Silence

1. Awakening… 2. Before the Dawn 3. Unholy Prophecies 4. The Nocturnal Silence 5. Inborn Evil 6. The Ancients Gate 7. Sacrificial Rites 8. Father of Creation 9. Where Sinners

Artist Necrophobic

Necrophobic is a Swedish blackened death metal band formed in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner and now-deceased guitarist David Parland. It is believed that the band named themselves after a Slayer song from the 1986 seminal

Reviews Necrophobic – Mark of the Necrogram

The Swedes really stepped it up this year with yet another solid release – this time it is Necrophobic’s Mark of the Necrogram. I had no doubt in my mind


The title track of NECROPHOBIC’s upcoming studio album “Mark Of The Necrogram” has been released today! “Mark Of The Necrogram”, NECROPHOBIC’s eighth studio album, will be released on February 23rd on