Albums Hollow

1. Nothing Left at All 2. Hollow 3. And I Will Be Worse 4. Hour of Atonement 5. The Six 6. Murdered Them All 7. No Greater Purpose 8. Now

Albums Penance

1. Intro 2. Survive Through Tomorrow 3. Sick of All This Weakness 4. This Is the Last Stand 5. Forgotten 6. Frozen Soil 7. Road to Ruin 8. No One

Albums Descend

1. Allconsuming 2. Deity of Retribution 3. This Hate 4. Of Haunting 5. Kill the Emptiness 6. Unrepentant 7. Self-Abuse Descend is the fourth album by Finnish doom/death metal band My Shameful ,

Albums The Return to Nothing

1. This Same Grey Light 2. Days Grow Darker 3. No Dawn 4. The Return to Nothing 5. It Can’t Get Worse 6. Silent 7. Just One 8. Return The

Albums …Of Dust

1. …of Dust 2. And Waters Will Close 3. Your Darkness Shine 4. One Lost 5. I Found Nothing Sacred 6. These Empty Rooms 7. Disappointment 8. To Never Return

Albums Of All the Wrong Things

1. Intro 2. Scattered Ashes 3. Blackened Lies 4. A Saddened Sunset 5. The Wind That Burns All 6. Beneath 7. I Fear 8. Blamed Of All The Wrong Things is

Artist My Shameful

My Shameful was a doom/death metal band with Finnish, German and American members. The band also had heavy funeral doom influences. Originating as a two-person studio project in Finland during the year 1999, they have recorded three demos