Albums Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share

    1. Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share 2. No Exit 3. On Top of the World 4. Like a Suicide 5. Rise and Fall 6. Damage Driven 7. Never Gonna Grow Up 8. Into the

Albums Misery Loves Co.

    1. My Mind still speaks 2. Kiss your boots 3. Need another one 4. Sonic attack 5. This is no dream 6. Happy? 7. Scared 8. I Swallow 9. Private Hell 10. The only way 11. 2 seconds  

Artist Misery Loves Co.

The band was formed in January, 1993, by Patrik Wiren (vocals) and Örjan Örnkloo (guitar, bass, programming). Wiren was previously a member of Midas Touch who had recorded an album with Noise Records, while Örnkloo