News King Diamond launches new video, “Arrival (Live at Graspop)”, from upcoming DVD/Blu-ray, ‘Songs For The Dead Live’

On January 25th, King Diamond will release a new DVD/Blu-ray, Songs For The Dead Live, via Metal Blade Records. There is only one King Diamond, and for more than thirty years the great Dane

News KING DIAMOND Announces New DVD/Blu-ray, ‘Songs For The Dead Live’; New Video “Sleepless Nights (Live at The Fillmore)” Now Online

On January 25th, KING DIAMOND will release a new DVD/Blu-ray, Songs For The Dead Live, via Metal Blade Records. There is only one KING DIAMOND, and for more than thirty

Albums 9

1. Last Rites 2. Church Of Saint Anne 3. Sold My Soul 4. House On The Hill 5. Burn In Hell 6. The Grave 7. Insane 8. Kiss The Demon

Albums Dead Again

1. Torture (1629) 2. The Night 3. Since Forever 4. The Lady Who Cries 5. Banshee 6. Mandrake 7. Sucking Your Blood 8. Dead Again 9. Fear 10. Crossroads “Dead

Albums Into the Unknown

1. Lucifer 2. The Uninvited Guest 3. The Ghost Of Change 4. Listen To The Bell 5. Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum) 6. Into The Unknown 7. Under

Albums Time

1. Nightmare Be Thy Name 2. Angel Of Light 3. Witches’ Dance 4. The Mad Arab 5. My Demon 6. Time 7. The Preacher 8. Lady In Black 9. Mirror

Albums In The Shadows

1. Egypt 2. The Bell Witch 3. The Old Oak 4. Shadows 5. A Gruesome Time 6. Thirteen Invitations 7. Room Of Golden Air 8. Legend Of A Headless Rider

Albums Don’t Break The Oath

1. A Dangerous Meeting 2. Nightmare 3. Desecration Of Souls 4. Night Of The Unborn 5. The Oath 6. Gypsy 7. Welcome Princess Of Hell 8. To One Far Away

Albums Melissa

1. Evil 2. Curse Of The Pharaohs 3. Into The Coven 4. At The Sound Of The Demon Bell 5. Black Funeral 6. Satan’s Fall 7. Melissa “Melissa” is the

Artist Mercyful Fate
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