Albums Silver Metal
Albums Toy Machine

1. Love Hate Song 2. No Enemies 3. Wolf Unheard 4. Beautiful Nightmare 5. Creeps And Happy Whores 6. Monkey Ride 7. Zombie Girl 8. Bitch Likes To Hit 9.

Albums Industrial Hippies

1. Stay Away From My Universe 2. Everything But You 3. Good Times On The Run 4. Mother Can’T Rock 5. Killer Baby 6. Evil Inside 7. Pretty Little Partner

Albums Babies Of Revolution

1. Wash My Sins Away 2. Panda Girl 3. Sweet Revenge 4. Near Death Experience 5. End Of The World 6. Fake 7. Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart

Albums Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart

1. Pain 2. Falling to Pieces 3. Silence 4. Mermaid 5. Gift 6. Call 7. Cripple Heart 8. Diamond 9. Valentine “Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart” is the

Artist Manzana

MANZANA are a Finnish, female fronted rock/metal band, that have released four albums and toured Europe ten times, made hundreds of shows in Finland, performed on European festivals and made