Albums State Of Mind
Albums Watch Out!

1. Queen of the Night 2. U.S.A. 3. Slave For The Glory 4. Time Of Your Life 5. Watch Out! 6. 15 Minutes 7. Crash My World 8. Worlds Collide

Albums Pretend or Surrender

“If She’s Near” “Turn” “Take A Shot” “Different Light” “Writings On The Wall” “Time And Time Again” “Belong To No One” “My Isolation” “Rid Of Me” “Ordinary Day” “End Of

Albums Divine Insanity

“Bullet For The Pain” (Music & Lyrics by Lovex) – 3.31 “Guardian Angel” (Music & Lyrics by Lovex & Janne) – 3.54 “Oh How The Mighty Fall” (Music and Lyrics

Artist Lovex

Lovex is a rock band from Tampere, Finland. Lovex started officially in 2001–2002, when several members and one former member, who had previously played in other bands, decided to start their own band to play