Albums Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular

1. SCG Minus 1: The Ruiz Ranch Massacre 2. Demon Supreme 3. Re-Animate 4. Lizzard of Oz 5. Killusion 6. Skull and Bones (The Danger Zone) 7. Goliath 8. Drekavac

Albums Abracadaver

1. SCG Minus 2: Horricone 2. Devilium 3. Abracadaver 4. Rejected 5. Acid Bleeding Eyes 6. Raging at Tomorrow 7. Beast of Both Worlds 8. I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry

Albums Humanimals

1. SCG Minus 3: Scarctic Circle Telethon 2. Borderline 3. Victims of the Romance 4. Heart of a Lion 5. The Bullet Bites Back 6. Be My Maniac 7. Rucking

Albums Abusement Park

1. SCG Minus 4: The Carnival Barker 2. Abusement Park 3. Grrr! 4. Ghost Train 5. Carousel 6. House of Mirrors 7. Pinball Machine 8. Nasty, Wild and Naughty 9.

Albums The Masterbeast from the Moon

1. SCG Minus 5: Transmission Request 2. Moonbeast 3. Celestial Serpents 4. Hurricane of the Slain 5. Spear of the Romans 6. Bells of the Netherworld 7. Transmission Reply 8.

Albums SuperFlyTrap

1. SCG Minus 6: Delightful Pop-Ins 2. Macho Freak 3. Believe Me 4. Spooky Jive 5. City of the Broken Hearted 6. Bella from Hell 7. Cast out from Heaven

Albums Skelectric Dinosaur

1. SCG Minus 7: The Arrival 2. Day Off of the Devil 3. Starsign Spitfire 4. Maximum-O-Lovin’ 5. The King on the Head Staker’s Mountain 6. Carnivore 7. Phantom Lady

Albums Killection

1. Radio SCG 10 2. Horror for Hire 3. Shake the Baby Silent 4. Like a Bee to the Honey 5. Apollyon 6. SCG10 Last Hour 7. Blow My Fuse

Concerts BEAST IN BLACK + Lordi 13.12.2019 Helsinki Ice Hall, Finland

December 13th 2019 was a surreal day in many ways. Not only it was Friday the 13th but it was also a special kind of Black Friday, it was Beast

Albums Sexorcism

1. Sexorcism 2. Your Tongue’s Got The Cat 3. Romeo Ate Juliet 4. Naked In My Cellar 5. The Beast Is Yet To Cum 6. Polterchrist 7. SCG9: The Documented

Albums Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy)

“Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy)” is the eighth studio album by the Finnish heavy metal band LORDI, that was released on 16 September 2016. While the first half of the album

Albums Scare Force One

“Scare Force One” is the seventh studio album by Finnish heavy metal band LORDI. It was released on Halloween 2014 in Europe, and November 3, 2014 in North America and

Albums To Beast or Not to Beast

“To Beast or Not to Beast” is the sixth studio album of Finnish heavy metal band LORDI that was released on 1 March 2013. As is traditional for the band,

Albums Babez For Breakfast

“Babez for Breakfast” is the fifth studio album by the Finnish heavy metal band LORDI, released on 10 September 2010. As is traditional for the band, their costumes were renewed

Albums Deadache

“Deadache” is the fourth studio album by the Finnish heavy metal band LORDI, released in Finland on 29 October 2008. For the release of the album the band renewed their

Albums The Arockalypse

“The Arockalypse” is the third studio album by Finnish heavy metal band LORDI. It includes the hit single “Hard Rock Hallelujah“, which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 for Finland.

Albums The Monsterican Dream

“The Monsterican Dream” is the second studio album by the Finnish metal band LORDI, released in 2004. The album contains more metallic music and heavier sound, with a more grim

Albums Get Heavy

“Get Heavy” is the debut album by Finnish heavy metal band LORDI, released in 2002. Although the bass guitarist Kalma appears on the cover artwork, all bass guitars were played

Artist Lordi

LORDI was originally formed in 1992, when Mr Lordi started doing demos under this name, but the project was still more or less a one-man-band, with few extra members playing