Albums Spectre Abysm

1. Demonic Resurrection 2. Ethereal Traveller 3. Omega Doom 4. Requiem Sempiternam 5. Triumph of Sacrilege 6. Disciplina Arcani 7. Through the Vast Profundity Obscure   Spectre Abysm is the

Albums Phantasmagoria

1. Prologue/Phantasmagoria 2. Crypt of Bereavement 3. Curse of the Necromancer 4. Portal to the Unknown 5. Dark Winds 6. A World in Pandemonium 7. Flight of the Mind’s Eye

Albums Legacy of Evil

1. A Cosmic Funeral of Memories 2. A Void of Lifeless Dreams 3. Grace by Torments 4. Infernal Phantom Kingdom 5. Legacy of Evil 6. Lycanthropic Tales 7. Nebulous Dawn

Albums The Ultimate Death Worship

1. The Ultimate Death Worship 2.  Suicide Commando 3. Purgatorial Agony 4. Voyage of the Damned 5. Towards the Oblivion of Dreams 6. Last Rite for the Silent Darkstar 7.

Albums Ad Noctum – Dynasty of Death

1. The Dark Paranormal Calling 2. As the Bell of Immolation Calls 3. Pits of the Cold Beyond 4. Dynasty of Death 5. Behind the Darkened Walls of Sleep 6.

Albums Epitome of Illusions

1. Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares 2. Eve of Midnight 3. Path of Ice 4. Sources to Agonies 5. Solace of the Shadows 6. The Black Heart’s Nirvana 7. Arctic

Albums In Abhorrence Dementia

1. In Abhorrence Dementia 2. A Demonoid Virtue 3. A Venomous Kiss of Profane Grace 4. When Mind and Flesh Departs 5. Deathtrip to a Mirage Asylum 6. Under Burdens

Albums Moon in the Scorpio

1. Beneath the Burial Surface 2. Moon in the Scorpio 3. Through Gleams of Death 4. Overtune – Nocturne 5. In Mourning Mystique 6. Beyond the Candles Burning 7. Darkzone

Artist Limbonic Art

Limbonic Art was formed in 1993 by Daemon, and was originally a full band featuring 3 other members. Daemon got in touch with Morfeus after the demise of the first line-up.