News LEVERAGE Release New Single “Wheels From Hell” From Upcoming EP “The Devil’s Turn”

Finnish band LEVERAGE are back with a brand new single called “Wheels From Hell”. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming digital EP “The […]
Albums Circus Colossus

1. Rise 2. Wolf And The Moon 3. Movie Gods 4. Worldbeater 5. Rider Of Storm 6. Legions Of Invisible 7. Revelation 8. Don’t Keep […]
Albums Blind Fire

1. Shadow In The Rain 2. King Of The Night 3. Stormchild 4. Sentenced 5. Hellhorn 6. Mr. Universe 7. Don’t Touch The Sun 8. […]
Albums Tides

1. Fifteen Years 2. Superstition 3. Horizon 4. Dreamworld 5. Follow Down That River 6. Stranger 7. Sails 8. Marching To War 9. Twilight Symphony […]
Artist Leverage

LEVERAGE? What the hell is LEVERAGE? A heavy metal band from Finland. Could there be anything more cliched than that? And what kind of name […]