Concerts Kuopiorock Festival, Kuopio Finland – July 25-27 2019

In the middle of June I was writing about the new summer festival in Kuopio, called Rock in the City, which was mostly orientated on Finnish rock and heavy rock/metal.

Albums Kiss of the Night

1. Everlasting 2. Run 3. Kiss of the Night 4. Calling the Wild 5. Slaves of the Dark 6. Tears of Gold 7. War of the Roses 8. Fire 9.

Interviews Interview with Tommi Salmela (Tarot / Lazy Bonez / Raskasta Joulua)

We had the time to have a small interview with Tommi Salmela from Tarot, Raskasta Joulua and Lazy Bonez about several topics. Will we ever get the chance to see

Albums Alive

1. Evil Mind 2. Sweet Girl 3. Alive 4. Jesus He Knows Me 5. Overload 6. Racing Heart 7. Lonely 8. Last Rites 9. Devil’s Dice 10. Hard Times 11.

Albums Vol.1

1. Bring It All Now 2. Stainless Steel 3. First To Go – Last To Know 4. Frozen Love 5. Written In The Sky 6. M.I.L.F. 7. Got A Soul

Artist Lazy Bonez

LAZY BONEZ (established in 2012) is a colorful mixture of artists from Finland (including members of TAROT, EXCEPTION TO THE RULE and D-CAYED), that plays melodic heavy metal of their own.