Albums Cadaver Circulation
Albums Remnants of Expansion

1. Arrow of Entropy 2. The Withering Titan 3. Remnants of Expansion 4. Entrailed to the Breaking Wheel 5. Transfixed Remnants Of Expansion is the second full-length album by Finnish death

Albums Unending Degradation

1. Introeon: Perpetual Beyond 2. Blessed Entwinement 3. Open the Crypt 4. Dormancy of the Ancients 5. Inhale… 6. The Black Smoke 7. Day of Reckoning 8. Beneath the Archaic

Artist Krypts

Krypts is a Finnish death metal band from Helsinki, Uusimaa. Their first studio album, Unending Degradation, was released through Dark Descent Records on February 19, 2013.