Albums Taudr

1. The Curse and the Wanderer 2. Death… and a New Sun 3. Taudr 4. …for the Fury of the Norse 5. Upon Raging Waves (Mithotyn cover) Taudr is the fourth album by the

Albums Karg

1. The Runes Of Hel 2. The Trickster 3. Highland Rebellion 4. Omma 5. Remnant of the Past 6. The Heritage Throne 7. Huldran 8. Rising 9. Total Destruction (Bathory cover) Karg is

Albums … to North

1. Onset of Ragnarok 2. The Nine Worlds Burn 3. The Dispossessed 4. Gap of Ginnungs 5. Bound To Reunite 6. Nordvegr 7. Up On The Mountain 8. Plague-Ridden Rebirth 9. Harvest (The End) 10. …

Albums Fi’mbulvintr

1. Intro 2. Einhärjar 3. Vämods Tale 4. The Last Journey 5. Never Will You Know of Flesh Again 6. Wrath Of The Gods 7. Snake Tongue 8. Brethren of the North 9. Day

Artist King Of Asgard

King of Asgard took form in 2008 by founder Karl Beckman when he teamed up with long time fellow musician Karsten Larsson. Both had previously played together in the well-known