Albums City Burials

City Burials is the eleventh studio album by Swedish metal band Katatonia. The album continues the progressive rock direction used in recent albums while returning to some of their earlier metal instrumentation. Three singles were released

Reviews Katatonia-The Fall Of The Hearts

The album starts with the first track “takeover” which reminds me  to the glorious “The Great Cold Distance” time. A soft vocal upon an aggressive drum and guitar, which become

Albums The Fall of Hearts

The Fall of Hearts is the tenth studio album by Swedish metal band Katatonia. It was released on May 20, 2016. The album, mostly written and produced by founding members Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström, was the

Albums Dead End Kings

Dead End Kings is Katatonia’s ninth full-length album. It was released on August 27, 2012, in Europe and August 28 in the U.S.through Peaceville Records. Like all Katatonia releases, the album was written primarily by founding

Albums Night Is The New Day

Night Is the New Day is Katatonia’s eighth full-length album. It was released November 9, 2009, in Europe and November 10, 2009, in North America through Peaceville Records. Thirteen tracks were recorded, eleven of

Albums The Great Cold Distance

The Great Cold Distance is the seventh full-length album by Swedish metal band Katatonia, released on March 13, 2006. The album was recorded and mixed at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro between May and August 2005. The album

Albums Viva Emptiness

Viva Emptiness is the sixth full-length album by Katatonia, released in 2003 by Peaceville Records. On the album’s tenth anniversary in 2013, it was re-released, featuring a new mix, mastering, and additional keyboard arrangements. Viva Emptiness was released

Albums Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Last Fair Deal Gone Down is the fifth studio album by Swedish band Katatonia, released in 2001 by Peaceville Records. The release was the first of a series of four albums done by

Albums Tonight’s Decision

Tonight’s Decision is the fourth full-length album by Katatonia, released in 1999 by Peaceville Records. The album was reissued in 2003 with two bonus tracks.

Albums Discouraged Ones

Discouraged Ones (stylized discøuraged ønes) is the third full-length album by Katatonia. The album was released on April 27, 1998. This is the last Katatonia release with Mikael Oretoft. It is also their

Albums Brave Murder Day

Brave Murder Day is Katatonia’s second full-length album, released in 1996 by Avantgarde Music. This album created a new guitar position with Fredrik Norrman‘s input, and features harsh vocals by Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth. It is also the

Albums Dance of December Souls

Dance of December Souls is the first full-length album by Katatonia. The album was released on CD in 1993 by No Fashion Records and LP by Helion Records, released in the USA

Artist Katatonia

The passing of time brings longer shadows and darker thoughts to the human mind. Melancholy’s cry is never far from our ears, even in the happiest of times. But while there