Albums The Horse and Other Weird Tales

1. Death Is The Doors 2. Shining 3. Your Exploding Heads 4. You And Eyes 5. Radio Aquarius 6. Return to Hallucinate 7. (Here Comes) The Rainbow Mouth 8. Minotaure 9. Anyway The Minds Flow

Albums Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes

1. Samhain 2. The Flying Man 3. In Levitating Secret Dreams 4. The Equinox Death Trip 5. Wolves Inside My Head 6. Crossroad Lightning 7. The Lovers 8. Goetia of Love 9. Goodbye to Virgin Grounds Forever

Albums Jess and the Ancient Ones (Self-Titled)

1. Prayer For Death And Fire 2. Twilight Witchcraft 3. Sulfur Giants (Red King) 4. Ghost Riders 5. 13th Breath Of The Zodiac 6. The Devil (In G Minor) 7. Come Crimson Death This seven-headed entity was

Artist Jess and the Ancient Ones

Jess and the Ancient Ones is a Finnish psychedelic rock band that was formed in Kuopio in 2010. Some of the members of the band were co-musicians in the Finnish metal band Deathchain. The band has