Albums Cease The Day
Albums Pure

1. Pure 2. Blue Oceans Rise (Like a War) 3. Devil’s at the Door 4. The Recalcitrant Protagonist 5. The Cave of Dreams 6. Cult of Shining Stars 7. Towards

Albums Strange in Stereo

1. Closing In 2. Cell 3. Vanish in the Absence of Virtue 4. Basement Corridors 5. Ion 6. Generally More Worried than Married 7. Path of the Righteous 8. Dead

Albums Omnio

1. 299 796 km/s 2. I Am Your Flesh 3. Kairos! 4. Weeping Willow 5. Omnio? – Pre 6. Omnio? – Bardo 7. Omnio? – Post Omnio is the second full-length

Albums Heart of the Ages

1. Yearning the Seeds of a New Dimension 2. Heart of the Ages 3. …in the Woods (Prologue / Moments of… / Epilogue) 4. Mourning the Death of Aase 5.

Artist In The Woods…

In the Woods… is a Norwegian avant-garde metal band from Kristiansand, formed in 1992. The band released a total of four studio albums, three singles, one compilation album and one live album throughout its initial existence. The band disbanded in