Albums Garden of Storms

1. Black Storm 2. Yields of Sand 3. Hierophant 4. Magenta Ritual 5. Huntress Moon 6. Tribunal of Suns 7. The Lost Outpost Garden of StormsĀ is the fifth full-length album

Albums Afterglow

1. Fire and Ocean 2. The Grinning Mist 3. Ashen Crown 4. Below Rise to the Above 5. The Lighthouse Keeper 6. The Call to Orion 7. Afterglow

Albums The Weight of Oceans

1. Colossus 2. A Vow to Conquer the Ocean 3. From a Tidal Sleep 4. Celestial Tear 5. Convergence 6. Sirens 7. Isle of Solac 8. The Drowning Sun 9.

Albums Monolith

1. For You to Know 2. Debris 3. The Poet and the Painter of Souls 4. The Smoke 5. A Shade of Plague 6. With You Came Silence 7. Pale

Albums Shrouded Divine

1. The Shrouded Divine 2. Amnesia 3. In the Failing Hour 4. By Others Considered 5. Grind Denial 6. The Art of a Mourning Kind 7. The Black Lodge 8.

Artist In Mourning

In Mourning was formed in the Swedish woods in the year 2000. Since then, the band has evolved over the years striving to refine its sound to what it is