Concerts Hypocrisy: New York City, March 31, 2019

It was an event nearly eleven/twelve years in the making. Maybe ten. I’ve lost count. But it has been a very long time since I was able to see Hypocrisy

Albums End Of Disclosure

1. End of Disclosure 2. Tales of Thy Spineless 3. The Eye 4. United We Fall 5. 44 Double Zero 6. Hell Is Where I Stay 7. Soldier of Fortune

Albums A Taste Of Extreme Divinity

1.”Valley of the Damned” 2.”Hang Him High” 3. “Solar Empire” 4.”Weed out the Weak” 5. “No Tomorrow” 6. “Global Domination” 7. “Taste the Extreme Divinity” 8. “Alive” 9. “The Quest”

Albums Catch 22 V2.0.08

1. “Don’t Judge Me” 2. “Destroyed” 3. “Edge of Madness” 4. “A Public Puppet” 5. “Uncontrolled” 6. “Turn the Page” 7. “Hatred” 8. “Another Dead End (For Another Dead Man)”

Albums Virus

1. XVI 2. War-Path 3. Scrutinized 4. Fearless 5. Craving for Another Killing 6. Let the Knife Do the Talking 7. A Thousand Lies 8. Incised Before I’ve Ceased 9.

Albums The Arrival

1.Born Dead Buried Alive 2.Eraser 3.Stillborn 4.Slave to the Parasites 5.New World 6.The Abyss 7.Dead Sky Dawning 8.The Departure 9.War Within The Arrival is the ninth studio album by Hypocrisy, released in 2004. It

Albums Catch 22

1.”Don’t Judge Me” 2.”Destroyed” 3.”Edge of Madness” 4.”A Public Puppet” 5.”Uncontrolled” 6.”Turn the Page” 7.”Hatred” 8.”Another Dead End (For Another Dead Man)” 9.”Seeds of the Chosen One” 10.”All Turns Black”

Albums Into The Abyss

1.”Legions Descend” 2.”Blinded” 3.”Resurrected” 4.”Unleash the Beast” 5.”Digital Prophecy” 6.”Fire in the Sky” 7.”Total Eclipse” 8.”Unfold the Sorrow” 9.”Sodomized” 10.”Deathrow (No Regrets)” Into the Abyss is an album released by Hypocrisy in 2000.

Albums Hypocrisy

1.”Fractured Millennium” 2.”Apocalyptic Hybrid” 3.”Fusion Programmed Minds” 4.”Elastic Inverted Visions” 5.”Reversed Reflections” 6.”Until the End” 7.”Paranormal Mysteria” 8.”Time Warp” 9.”Disconnected Magnetic Corridors” 10.”Paled Empty Sphere” 11.”Selfinflicted Overload” (Digipak bonus track) Hypocrisy is

Albums The Final Chapter

1.”Inseminated Adoption” 2.”A Coming Race” 3.”Dominion” 4.”Inquire Within” 5.”Last Vanguard” 6.”Request Denied” 7.”Through the Window of Time” 8. “Shamateur” 9. “Adjusting the Sun” 10.”Lies” 11. “Evil Invaders” (Razor cover) 12. “The Final

Albums Abducted

Abducted is the fourth studio album released by Hypocrisy. It is the album where the band started to change its sound. On this release melodic death metal was brought into the original death metal sound. It was also

Albums The Fourth Dimension

1.”Apocalypse” 2.”Mind Corruption” 3.”Reincarnation” 4.”Reborn” 5.”Black Forest” 6.”Never to Return” 7.”Path to Babylon” 8.”Slaughtered” 9. “Orgy in Blood” 10.”The North Wind” 11.”T.E.M.P.T.” 12.”The Fourth Dimension” 13.”The Arrival of the Demons

Albums Osculum Obscenum

1. Pleasure Of Molestation 2. Exclamation Of A Necrofag 3. Osculum Obscenum 4. Necronomicon 5. Black Metal (Venom cover) 6. Inferior Devoties 7. Infant Sacrifices 8. Attachment To The Ancestor

Albums Penetralia

1. Impotent God 2. Suffering Souls 3.Nightmare 4. Jesus Fall 5. God Is a… 6. Left to Rot 7. Burn by the Cross 8. To Escape Is to Die 9.

Artist Hypocrisy

Feigning to be what one is not is something Renaissance man Peter Tägtgren can never be accused of. A living embodiment of music (who has also appeared in three films and