Reviews Humavoid – Lidless

I wouldn’t normally start a review like this but with Humavoid I kinda feel obligated of doing so because in any way is this review going to be an easy

Albums Lidless

01. Fortune For Demise 02. Lidless 03. Aluminum Rain 04. Inside 1 05. Matter 06. What You Hide 07. Inside 2 08. The Breathing Method 09. Undercurrent 10. Drywall Cracks

Albums Faster Forward

    Humavoid‘s debut, full-length album. 1. Casket On Rails 2. Faster Forward 3. Balloon People 4. The Row 5. Yellow Steps 6. Visitors After Dark 7. Siberian Chase

Artist Humavoid

Progressive Aggressive Metal from Espoo, Finland. Humavoid combines heavy polyrhythmic grooves with rich & unexpected harmony. With influences ranging from extreme metal to modern pianism and jazz fusion, Humavoid combines heavy polyrhythmic