Albums Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

1. Sempiternal Grotesqueries 2. In Eerie Deliverance 3. Cathedral of Labyrinthine Darkness 4. Cascade of Ashes 5. Charnel Reflections 6. Black Moss 7. Sorrows of the Moo Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed is

Albums Darkness Drips Forth

1. Blood for the Burning Oath / Dungeons of the Disembodied 2. Elysium of Dripping Death 3. Ashen with Solemn Decay 4. Beyond Deserted Flesh Darkness Drips Forth is the fourth-full

Albums Effigies of Evil

1. Vortex Macabre 2. Effigies of Evil 3. In the Dead We Dwell 4. Curses Scribed in Gore 5. Crumbling Insanity 6. Summoned into Euphoric Madness 7. Evoken Vulgarity 8.

Albums Never Cross The Dead

1. Never Cross the Dead 2. Terror Castle 3. Night of the Deathcult 4. The House of Hammer 5. Rituals of Mortal Cremation 6. As the Creatures Ascend 7. From

Albums Fulfill the Curse

1. Rotting Rampage (Menace of the Skeletal Dead) 2. Fulfill the Curse 3. Grasp of the Beastwoman 4. Laboratory of Nightmares 5. Beauty and the Feast 6. The Eyeless Horde

Artist Hooded Menace

Hooded Menace are a death/doom band formed in Joensuu, Finland in 2007 by Lasse Pyykkö (also known from the cult Finnish death metal band Phlegethon). Very much influenced by the 80´s

Reviews Hooded Menace – Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

Seeing the album cover with figures of darkness almost instantly gave me a warm feeling. Not being familiar with the entire back catalog of Hooded Menace, this surely gave me