Reviews Hanging Garden-Into That Good Night

As the decade comes to a close, metal fans will remember all the great releases that had come out in the past ten years. But before we reach 2020, we

Albums Into That Good Night

1. Of Love and Curses 2. Fear, Longing, Hope and the Night 3. Into That Good Night 4. Rain 5. Silent Sentinels 6. Anamnesis 7. Navigator 8. Signs of Affection

Reviews Hanging Garden: Backwoods Sessions Part II

I got a thing for Hanging Garden. Don’t tell Katatonia. They’re my new side piece. All joking aside, since the announcement of Katatonia’s hiatus (of which they had recently become

Albums I Am Become

1. As Above, So Below 2. Hearthfire 3. Elysium 4. Our Dark Design 5. Kouta 6. From Iron Shores 7. One Hundred Years 8. Forty One Breaths 9. Ennen

Albums Blackout Whiteout

1. Borrowed Eyes 2. Whiteout 3. Embers 4. Eclipse 5. Aoede 6. Unearth 7. Words That Bear No Meaning 8. My Rising Is Your Fall 9. Blackout

Albums At Every Door

1. Ten Thousand Cranes 2. Ash and Dust 3. Hegira 4. Wormwood 5. At Every Door 6. The Cure 7. Evenfall 8. To End All Ages


1. Where Serpents Dwell 2. The Blackbirds 3. Hands That Decay 4. Times of Disgrace 5. Wolves Cry Out 6. Oceans Away 7. The Fires of Sheol 8. Inherit the

Albums Inherit the Eden

1. Sleep of Ages 2. As the Circle Fades 3. Ethereal Passing 4. Shards of Life 5. Paper Doves 6. Stillborn 7. The Mourners Plain 8. Fall into Tehom

Artist Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden was given birth in 2004, playing heavy, doom-oriented metal music. Over a decade, three albums and numerous line-up changes later, the bands style has evolved to a more