News HammerFall – North America Tour 2018

HAMMERFALL have been masters of groundbreaking metal anthems since the start of their remarkable career back in 1993.  Earlier this year, the band returned to North […]
Albums Built to Last

Bring It! Hammer High The Sacred Vow Dethrone And Defy Twilight Princess Stormbreaker Built To Last The Star Of Home New Breed Second To None […]
Albums (r)Evolution

Hector’s Hymn (r)Evolution Bushido Live Life Loud Ex Inferis We Won’t Back Down Winter Is Coming Origins Tainted Metal Evil Incarnate Wildfire Demonized   (r)Evolution is […]
Albums Infected

Patient Zero Bang Your Head One More Time The Outlaw Send Me A Sign Dia De Los Muertos I Refuse 666 – The Enemy Within […]
Albums No Sacrifice, No Victory

Any Means Necessary Life Is Now Punish And Enslave Legion Between Two Worlds Hallowed Be My Name Something For The Ages No Sacrifice, No Victory […]
Albums Threshold

Threshold The Fire Burns Forever Rebel Inside Natural High Dark Wings, Dark Words Howlin’ With The ‘pac Shadow Empire Carved In Stone Reign Of The […]
Albums Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

Secrets Blood Bound Fury Of The Wild Hammer Of Justice Never, Ever Born To Rule The Templar Flame Imperial Take The Black Knights Of The […]
Albums Crimson Thunder

Riders Of The Storm Hearts On Fire On The Edge Of Honour Crimson Thunder Lore Of The Arcane Trailblazers Dreams Come True Angel Of Mercy […]
Albums Renegade

Templars Of Steel Keep The Flame Burning Renegade Living In Victory Always Will Be The Way Of The Warrior Destined For Glory The Champion Raise […]
Albums Legacy of Kings

Heeding The Call Legacy Of Kings Let The Hammer Fall Dreamland Remember Yesterday At The End Of The Rainbow Back To Back Stronger Than All […]
Albums Glory to the Brave

The Dragon Lies Bleeding The Metal Age Hammerfall I Believe Child Of The Damned Steel Meets Steel Stone Cold Unchained Glory To The Brave Ravenlord […]
News HAMMERFALL – release video trailer for their upcoming “Glory To The Brave – 20 Year Anniversary Edition”

When HAMMERFALL released their debut album »Glory To The Brave« in 1997, the five Swedes launched a true heavy metal revival overnight. While the mainstream was saturated with grunge […]
Artist HammerFall

Formed in Göteborg, Sweden, in 1993 by guitarist Oscar Dronjak. Early line-ups included members from In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, most notably Jesper Strömblad, who […]