Albums Peace
Albums Innocence & Decadence

Innocence & Decadence is the fourth full-length studio album by Swedish hard rock band Graveyard. It was released on 25 September 2015. 1. Magnetic Shunk 2. The Apple & The Tree 3. Exit 97 4. Never Theirs to Sell

Albums Lights Out

Lights Out is the third full-length studio album by Swedish hard rock band Graveyard. It was released on 26 October 2012. 1. An Industry of Murder 2. Slow Motion Countdown 3. Seven Seven 4. The Suits, the Law & the

Albums Hisingen Blues

Hisingen Blues is the second full-length studio album by Swedish hard rock band Graveyard. It was released on 25 March 2011. 1. Ain’t Fit to Live Here 2. No Good, Mr. Holden 3. Hisingen Blues 4. Uncomfortably Numb 5. Buying

Albums GRAVEYARD (Self-titled)

Graveyard is the debut studio album by Swedish hard rock band Graveyard, released on September 10, 2007 by Swedish label Transubstans Records and February 19, 2008 on American label TeePee Records. The album received good reviews and

Artist Graveyard

Graveyard is a Swedish hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 2006. Joakim Nilsson, Rikard Edlund (both formerly of Norrsken), Axel Sjöberg, and Truls Mörck formed Graveyard in 2006. When Norrsken disbanded in 2000, guitarist