Albums Way Beyond

1. Final Journey 2. Payback 3. Another Day 4. Tear It Down 5. Caressed by Flames 6. Farewell 7. Sea of Dreams 8. Holy War Way Beyond is the fourth

Albums Resurrection

1. Resurrection 2. Crimson Snow 3. Adultery 4. My Dead Dreams 5. Death in Black 6. Collector of Tears 7. Waiting for Lunacy to Find Me 8. Princess of the

Albums Shadow’s Dance

1. Abandon 2. Tear It Down 3. Rotten in Peace 4. Leavetaking 5. God’s Punishment 6. Make You Pay 7. In the Ocean Sky 8. Shadow’s Dance Shadow’s Dance is the

Albums Sea of Dreams

1. Intro 2. Sick to the Core 3. Walkin’ Among the Dead 4. Inside My Head 5. Sea of Dreams 6. Surrounded by Dreams 7. Corporal Infection 8. Key to

Artist Godgory

Godgory was a Swedish melodic death metal/death doom metal band that was formed August 1992 by drummer Erik Andersson and vocalist Matte Andersson. Forming in 1992, Godgory started their career covering bands such as Napalm Death, Entombed, Cemetary, Unleashed, and Grave.