Albums Corpus in Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism

1. Necronomics 2. Decedent Scarification Aesthetics 3. Restrained Remains 4. Final Excarnation 5. Necrocriticism 6. Exotoxic Septicity 7. Adnexal Mass 8. Virulent Corpus Dispersement 9. Ichor 10. Idle Teratoma Core

Albums Left Hand Pathology

1. If These Walls Could Talk 2. Ambulance Chaser 3. Fulguration 4. Arterial Spray Obsession 5. Necrodecontamination 6. The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers 7. The Admirable Teachings of Burke

Artist General Surgery

General Surgery is a Swedish goregrind group, known as one of the earliest Carcass clones. Their 1991 debut, Necrology, was released by Relapse Records and would be General Surgery’s only material released until 2001, when the group recorded one