Albums At Dusk and Forever

1. Wounds 2. The Nightfall 3. At Dusk and Forever 4. Battles to Come 5. The Burning Sky 6. Never Alone Again 7. Always 8. Forever Beach At Dusk And

Albums The Dawn of Flames

1. Perpetual Dawn (The Arrival of Eternity – End My Pain) 2. Trail of Tears 3. Forever Scarred 4. Dreamfields 5. Dawn of Flames 6. Eternal Sin 7. No Time

Albums A Bloodred Path

1. Inanna 2. Where the Winds of Darkness Blow 3. The Silence 4. Tears 5. The Dreaming Glade 6. When Daylight’s Gone 7. Into Seasons of Frost 8. A Bloodred

Artist Gates Of Ishtar

Gates of Ishtar is a melodic death metal band from Sweden. Gates of Ishtar was formed in late 1992 by Mikael Sandorf (vocals), Andreas Johansson (drums), Stefan Nilsson (guitar) and Harald Åberg (bass guitar). Eventually,