News FUNERAL MIST Announce New Album, Title, & Release Date

Swedish black metal band FUNERAL MIST has shocked the metal underworld by announcing a new album via a very concise post on their official Facebook […]
Albums Maranatha

1. Sword of Faith 2.White Stone 3. Jesus Saves! 4. A New Light 5. Blessed Curse 6. Living Temples 7. Anathema Maranatha 8. Anti-Flesh Nimbus […]
Albums Salvation

1. Agnus Dei 2. Breathing Wounds 3. Holy Poison 4. Sun of Hope 5. Perdition’s Light 6. Across the Qliphoth 7. Realm of Plagues 8. […]
Artist Funeral Mist

Funeral Mist in its original form was founded in autumn of 1993 by now former members.  Bass player Arioch was added in the summer of 1994. In […]