Albums Hekatomb
Albums Maranatha

1. Sword of Faith 2.White Stone 3. Jesus Saves! 4. A New Light 5. Blessed Curse 6. Living Temples 7. Anathema Maranatha 8. Anti-Flesh Nimbus Funeral Mist manifests rarely but

Albums Salvation

1. Agnus Dei 2. Breathing Wounds 3. Holy Poison 4. Sun of Hope 5. Perdition’s Light 6. Across the Qliphoth 7. Realm of Plagues 8. Circle of Eyes 9. Bread

Artist Funeral Mist

Funeral Mist in its original form was founded in autumn of 1993 by now former members.  Bass player Arioch was added in the summer of 1994. In summer 1995, Funeral Mist’s first