Albums Among The Dormant Watchers
Albums Six Waves of Woe

1. Submission 2. Selfdestructive 3. Detached 4. Moments in Solitude 5. Pernicious 6. Deprived Six Waves Of Woe is the second full-length album by Swedish doom metal and Forest Of Shadows,

Albums Departure

1. Sleeping Death 2. November Dream 3. Bleak Dormition 4. Open Wound 5. Departure Departure is the debut full-length album by Swedish doom metal band Forest Of Shadows, released in 2004

Artist Forest Of Shadows

Forest of Shadows was founded as a solo-project in the autumn of 1997 by Niclas Frohagen. After having recorded the demo “The Silent Cry“, multi-instrumentalist Micce Andersson joined the band. Together