Albums Chronicles Of The Dead

1. Primitive Again 2. Chronicles Of The Dead 3. Shadows in the Wasteland 4. Kingdom of Dust 5. Desert Breeze 6. Shades Of Gray 7. Dying Dreams 8. Mayhem Machine 9. Evolution In

Albums Legacy of Heathens

  1. Immortal Heroes 2. The Ancient Tale 3. Folk in the Golden Town 4. Broken Stone 5. Journey In The Woods 6. Swordmaster of the Dragonland 7. The Darkest Valleys of Myst

Artist Falchion

Falchion was founded in 2002 by Juho Kauppinen and Joonas Simonen, who at that time were 15 and 16 years old, influenced by Amorphis and Ensiferum. The band was originally a three-piece, with Kauppinen as vocalist