Albums Mirrorworlds

1. Mirrorworld 2. Dissolving 3. With the Sun 4. The Eucharist 5. Demons 6. Fallen 7. In Nakedness 8. Bloodred Star Mirrorworlds is the second and final full-length album by Swedish

Albums A Velvet Creation

1. Greeting Immortality 2. The Religion of the Blood-Red Velvet 3. March of Insurrection 4. My Bleeding Tears 5. Floating 6. A Velvet Creation 7. Into the Cosmic Sphere 8.

Artist Eucharist

Eucharist was a Swedish melodic death metal band which released two albums in the 1990s. Eucharist’s first album, A Velvet Creation (1993), featured Markus Johnsson (vocals, guitar), Thomas Einarsson (guitar), Tobias Gustafsson (bass guitar), and Daniel Erlandsson (drums), while for the