Albums World Inferno

1. World Inferno 2. Condemned to the Grave 3. Serial Murder (Death Squad) 4. The Soul Collector 5. Dead and Buried 6. Insane Slaughter 7. Into Eternal Fire 8. Suffer

Albums Obliteration

1. No Cross Left Unturned 2. Epitome Of Death 3. Beyond The Flesh 4. The Grotesque 5. Obliterate 6. Skulls 7. Midnight Coffin 8. Bonestorm 9. Abyss Of Corpses 10.

Albums Raging Death

1. In Pieces 2. Carved To The Bone 3. Blood Hammer 4. Headless Dawn 5. Cadaverous Stench 6. Descend To The Beyond 7. Death League 8. Chained And Dragged 9.

Albums The Tomb Awaits

1. The Tomb Awaits 2. Unleashed Wrath 3. Crawling Death 4. Eaten By The Dead 5. To Live Is To Rot 6. Undead 7. The Slithering Below 8. End Of

Albums Tales From The Morgue

1. Intro: Tales From the Morgue 2. Blood Red 3. Voices 4. Breath Of Blood 5. Entrails 6. Stormy Death 7. Euthanasia 8. Evil Obsession 9. Triumph Of The Sinners

Artist Entrails

ENTRAILS formed in 1990/91. Their goal was to follow the scene that Stockholm brought to light around the time with bands like Dismember, Entombed, Grave and many more that cemented

News ENTRAILS Announces New Line-Up

Swedish death metallers ENTRAILS are announcing the departure of singer/bassist Tommy and drummer Martin from the band. Both have chosen to leave ENTRAILS to have more time for their jobs and other