Concerts Saarihelvetti 2020

Report and photos by Serena Solomon A few days of relief from the monotonous, gigless summer. Saarihelvetti 2020 was one of few festivals that luckily were able to stay strong

Concerts Ensiferum @ Lezard’Os Metal Fest, France 24.11.2018

On November 24, 2018, Lezard’Os Metal Fest saw us at the “Fuseaux” (Saint Dizier, France) on the occasion of the 13th Eclectic Rock Festival. The 400m² hall can accommodate up

Albums Two Paths

Ajattomasta unesta For Those About to Fight for Metal Way of the Warrior Two Paths King of Storms Feast with Valkyries Don’t You Say I Will Never Knee God Is

Albums One Man Army

March of Wa Axe of Judgement Heathen Horde One Man Army Burden of the Fallen Warrior Without a War Cry for the Earth Bounds Two of Spades My Ancestors’ Blood

Albums Unsung Heroes

Symbols In My Sword I Trust Unsung Heroes Burning Leaves Celestial Bond Retribution Shall Be Mine Star Queen (Celestial Bond Part II) Pohjola Last Breath Passion, Proof, Power Unsung Heroes is

Albums From Afar

By the Dividing Stream From Afar Twilight Tavern Heathen Throne Elusive Reaches Stone Cold Metal Smoking Ruins Tumman virran taa The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II) From Afar is the

Albums Victory Songs

Ad Victoriam Blood Is the Price Of Glory Deathbringer From The Sky Ahti One More Magic Potion Wanderer Raised By The Sword The New Dawn Victory Song Victory Songs is the

Albums Iron

Ferrum Aeternum Iron Sword Chant Mourning Heart – Interlude Tale of Revenge Lost in Despair Slayer of Light Into Battle LAI LAI HEI Tears Iron is the second full-length album by folk metal band Ensiferum. This

Albums Ensiferum

  Intro Hero in a Dream Token of Time Guardians of Fate Old Man (Väinämöinen Part I) Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen Part II) Abandoned Windrider Treacherous Gods Eternal Wait Battle Song

Artist Ensiferum

Ensiferum, (meaning “sword-bearing”), is a Finnish melodic folk metal band from Helsinki. Metal and folk melodies are played on lead guitar or keyboard, overlaying heavier heavy metal backing rhythms such as the classic