Albums Are You Not Entertained?

1. Fading/Reaching 2. Red Alert 3. The Stage Is Set 4. No Fear 5. First Born Angel 6. Breaking News 7. Are You Entertained? 8. Where The Light Was Born

Albums This Is My World

1. Fight Fear With Fire 2. Rush Of Life 3. Hollow 4. Man Who Was Me 5. Dream Of Crown 6. Failed One 7. Banished 8. My Only Sin 9.

Albums The Way Of Pain

1. For All The Weak 2. Into The Void 3. Made Me Believe 4. Last Man Standing 5. Lost Faith 6. The Game 7. Kneeling Down 8. All In Vain

Artist Dyecrest

The Finnish band DYECREST’s history goes back as far as 1993, when Niko, Jukka and Pirkka played together for the first time. Years later, in 2001, DYECREST was born. In