Albums Are You Not Entertained?

1. Fading/Reaching 2. Red Alert 3. The Stage Is Set 4. No Fear 5. First Born Angel 6. Breaking News 7. Are You Entertained? 8. […]
Albums This Is My World

1. Fight Fear With Fire 2. Rush Of Life 3. Hollow 4. Man Who Was Me 5. Dream Of Crown 6. Failed One 7. Banished […]
Albums The Way Of Pain

1. For All The Weak 2. Into The Void 3. Made Me Believe 4. Last Man Standing 5. Lost Faith 6. The Game 7. Kneeling […]
Artist Dyecrest

The Finnish band DYECREST’s history goes back as far as 1993, when Niko, Jukka and Pirkka played together for the first time. Years later, in […]
News DYECREST released a new single ‘Fading/Reaching’

Melodic metal masters release their third full length album next week Founded 1993 in Finnish city of Mikkeli, Dyecrest has today released it’s third single […]