Albums Earthless

1. Earthless 2. A Quietly Forming Collapse 3. White Coffins 4. The Dead Swan of the Woods 5. Oceans of Despair 6. The Slow Ascent Earthless is the third full-length album

Albums Dead Words Speak

1. Half Light 2. Dead Words Speak 3. The Lachrymal Sleep 4. Upon the Cataract 5. Leaden Winged Burden 6. Threnode Dead Words Speak is the second full-length album by Swedish

Albums Aeternum Vale

1. The Light That Would Fade 2. Empire of the Fallen 3. The Faded Earth 4. Oblivion upon Us 5. The Crawling Insects 6. Aeternus Aeternum Vale is the debut

Artist Doom:VS

Johan Ericson is a multitalented musician and producer with a number of projects of his own. The most distinguished of these is DRACONIAN; a gothic/doom act which Johan established in