Concerts Tons of Rock, Oslo Norway – June 27-29

Tons of Rock started back in 2014 with bands such as Volbeat, Anthrax, Slayer and Ghost as headliners. Back then the festival was in an old fortress called “Fredriksten Festning”

Albums Djerv (Self-titled)

    1. Madman 2. The Bowling Pin 3. Headstone 4. Gruesome Twosome 5. Only I Exist 6. Ladder To The Moon 7. Abmuse 8. Blind The Heat 9. Immortal Djerv was engineered by Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH)

Artist Djerv

Djerv is a Norwegian band, whose music is a mix of rock, heavy metal and black metal. The band was formed in early 2010 after the break-up of Animal Alpha and Stonegard. Kjølsrud had previously belonged to the