Albums Death’s Design

1. Nerves in Rush 2. Death Ascends – The Hunt (Part I) 3. You Can’t Hide Forever 4. Right on Time for Murder – The Hunt (Part II) 5. Conscious

Albums Nightwork

1. Rider on the Bonez 2. Dreadventurouz 3. The Zkeleton Keyz to the Dead 4. Thiz Ghoultimate Omen 5. All Onboard the Perdition Hearze! 6. The Eerie Obzidian Circuz 7.

Albums The Phantom Lodge

1. Astray Within the Coffinwood Mill 2. The Puzzling Constellation of a Deathrune 3. Ravenclaw 4. The Walk of the Hunchbacked 5. Cloaked by the Moonshine Mist 6. Across the

Albums Ravendusk in My Heart

1. The Castle of Blackheim 2. Blackheim’s Quest to Bring Back the Stolen Autumn 3. Beyond the Spiritual Moon 4. The Sphere in Blackheim’s Shrine 5. Under the Banner of

Artist Diabolical Masquerade

Diabolical Masquerade was a Swedish one-man black metal band with progressive influences. The band was formed in 1993 in Stockholm as side project of Anders Nyström (aka Blakkheim), known for his work as the guitarist of Katatonia. Diabolical Masquerade was