Reviews Desolator – Sermon of Apathy

What’s purple and orange and fun all over? If you guessed death metal, then you’d be right! It’s Desolator – Sermon of Apathy, and it’s really, really good. Well, that’s

Albums Sermon of Apathy

1. Portal Tomb 2. Adversarial Doctrine 3. Creatures of Habit 4. Methods of Self-Deception 5. The Human Condition 6. Vaticide 7. The Great Law of the Dead Sermon of Apathy is

Albums Unearthly Monument

1. Thy Flesh Consumed 2. Desolated 3. Gravefeast 4. Mass Human Pyre 5. Infernal Gathering 6. Feeding Frenzy 7. The Triumph of Death 8. Bludgeoned, Beaten and Berated 9. Second

Artist Desolator

Desolator is a Swedish death metal band formed in 2009, that entered the scene with the “Gravefeast” demo in 2010 and a split with Greek band Resurgency in 2011. The