Albums ..For Death..

1. Death Multiplies 2. She’s Frozen 3. Loving a Shadow 4. The Scent 5. Prologue to the Thousand Skies 6. Tunnel of Pain 7. A Glimpse of Tomorrow 8. A

Albums Ghosts of Devotion

1. Alone 2. So Long 3. Words of Silence 4. Suffer in Darkness 5. Ghosts of Devotion 6. The Sun Is Dead 7. Fallen Angel 8. Dunkelheit (Burzum cover) 9.

Artist Depressed Mode

Depressed Mode was a death/doom/funeral doom metal band from Finland. Depressed Mode was formed in 2005 as a solo project of Ossy Salonen. Tomppa Turpeinen later joined as guitarist and