Albums Let Chaos Prevail

1. Not Dead Enough 2. Let Chaos Prevail 3. Dark Turns Black 4. Cult of Sickness 5. God Said Suffer 6. To See the Last One Di 7. Self-Caged 8.

Albums Shadow Mechanics

1. My Blood Your Blood 2. In the Mirrors 3. Lost Within 4. Where the Shadows Clash 5. Trail of Guilt 6. Gates of Lamentation 7. Silent with Earth 8.

Albums Slumber of Sullen Eyes

1. Apocryphal 2. As I Behold I Despise 3. Dead Soul 4. The Forlorn 5. Tears of God 6. Slumber of Sullen Eyes 7. Embrace the Darkness / Blood of

Artist Demigod

Demigod are a death metal band formed in 1990 in Loimaa, Finland. The band’s debut album Slumber of Sullen Eyes is highly regarded in the heavy metal community. Terrorizer included it in their list of “40 death metal albums that you