News DEAD END FINLAND Release Third Single From Upcoming Fourth Album

DEAD END FINLAND just released a third single as an appetizer for the upcoming album on which they are currently working on. The band’s fourth […]
Albums Slaves To The Greed

1. Through The Echoes, Future & Past 2. Inside The Void 3. Fragments Of The Innocent 4. Messenger Of Sorrow 5. Nightfall 6. Devil’s Triangle […]
Albums Season Of Withering

1. Season of Withering 2. An Unfair Order 3. Paranoia 4. Zero Hour 5. Hypocrite Declaim 6. Bag of Snakes 7. Silent Passage 8. Sinister […]
Albums Stain Of Disgrace

1. My Fate 2. Nothing Left To Bleed 3. Stain Of Disgrace 4. Fields Of Silence 5. Sea Of Eternity 6. Riot 7. Sinner’s Day […]
Artist Dead End Finland

Dead End Finland is a melodic metal band from Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2007, and signed by Inverse Records in 2012, the band line-up has […]
News DEAD END FINLAND Released A Second Single From Their Upcoming Fourth Album!

DEAD END FINLAND┬áreleased a second single ‘Closer to Extinction’ on June 14th 2018. The track is taken from their upcoming fourth album due to be […]