News DEAD END FINLAND Release Third Single From Upcoming Fourth Album

DEAD END FINLAND just released a third single as an appetizer for the upcoming album on which they are currently working on. The band’s fourth full length album will be

Albums Slaves To The Greed

1. Through The Echoes, Future & Past 2. Inside The Void 3. Fragments Of The Innocent 4. Messenger Of Sorrow 5. Nightfall 6. Devil’s Triangle (Interlude) 7. Screaming Back To

Albums Season Of Withering

1. Season of Withering 2. An Unfair Order 3. Paranoia 4. Zero Hour 5. Hypocrite Declaim 6. Bag of Snakes 7. Silent Passage 8. Sinister Dream 9. Shape Of the

Albums Stain Of Disgrace

1. My Fate 2. Nothing Left To Bleed 3. Stain Of Disgrace 4. Fields Of Silence 5. Sea Of Eternity 6. Riot 7. Sinner’s Day 8. Cry For Innocence 9.

Artist Dead End Finland

Dead End Finland is a melodic metal band from Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2007, and signed by Inverse Records in 2012, the band line-up has remained unchanged since the beginning

News DEAD END FINLAND Released A Second Single From Their Upcoming Fourth Album!

DEAD END FINLAND released a second single ‘Closer to Extinction’ on June 14th 2018. The track is taken from their upcoming fourth album due to be released in 2019 via Inverse