Albums Atoma

Encircled Atoma Forward Momentum Neutrality Force Of Hand Faithless By Default The Pitiless Our Proof Of Life Clearing Skies When The World Screams Merciless Fate Caves And Embers The Absolute

Albums Construct

For Broken Words The Science Of Noise Uniformity The Silence In Between Apathetic What Only You Know Endtime Hearts State Of Trust Weight Of The End None Becoming Immemorial Photon

Albums We Are the Void

hadow In Our Blood Dream Oblivion The Fatalist In My Absence The Grandest Accusation At The Point Of Ignition Her Silent Language Arkhangelsk I Am The Void Surface The Infinite

Albums Fiction

Nothing To No One The Lesser Faith Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) Blind At Heart Icipher Inside The Particle Storm Empty Me Misery’s Crown Focus Shift The Mundane And

Albums Character 

The New Build Through Smudged Lenses Out Of Nothing The Endless Feed Lost To Apathy Mind Matters One Thought Dry Run Am I 1? Senses Tied My Negation   Character is

Albums Haven

The Wonders At Your Feet Not Built To Last Indifferent Suns Feast Of Burden Haven The Same Fabric Ego Drama Rundown Emptier Still At Loss For Words Cornered   Haven is

Albums The Mind’s I

Dreamlore Degenerate Zodijackyl Light Hedon Scythe, Rage And Roses Constant Dissolution Factor Red Insanity’s Crescendo Still Moving Sinews Atom Heart 243.5 Tidal Tantrum Tongues The Mind’s Eye   The Mind’s

Albums The Gallery

Punish My Heaven Silence, And The Firmament Withdrew Edenspring The Dividing Line The Gallery The One Brooding Warning Midway Through Infinity Lethe The Emptiness From Which I Fed Mine Is

Albums Skydancer

Nightfall By The Shore Of Time Crimson Winds A Bolt Of Blazing Gold In Tears Bereaved Skywards Through Ebony Archways Shadow Duet My Faeryland Forgotten Alone   Skydancer is the debut

Artist Dark Tranquillity

Early years and Skydancer Dark Tranquillity was formed in 1989 by the current vocalist and then rhythm guitarist Mikael Stanne, and guitarist Niklas Sundin, under the name Septic Broiler. Three additional members, Anders Fridén, Anders