Albums Where Shadows Forever Reign

1. Unchain My Soul 2. As One We Shall Conquer 3. Beast Above Man 4. As I Ascend 5. Temple Of Ahriman 6. The Eternal Eclipse 7. To Carve Another

Albums Angelus Exuro pro Eternus

1. The End Of Human Race 2. The Birth Of The Vampiir 3. Stigmata 4. My Funeral 5. Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus 6. Demons Of Five 7. Declaration Of Hate

Albums Attera Totus Sanctus

1. King Antichrist 2. 666 Voices Inside 3. Attera Totus Sanctus 4. Godhate 5. Atrum Regina 6. Angel Flesh Impaled 7. Feed On The Mortals 8. Final Ritual 9. Atrum

Albums Diabolis Interium

1. The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire 2. Hail Murder 3. The Goddess Of Sodomy 4. Diabolis Interium 5. An Apprentice Of Satan 6. Thus I Have Spoken 7. Armageddon Finally

Albums Vobiscum Satanas

1. Ravenna Strigoi Mortii 2. Enriched By Evil 3. Thy Legions Come 4. Evil Prevail 5. Slava Satan 6. The Black Winged Horde 7. Vobiscum Satanas 8. Ineffable King Of

Albums The Secrets of the Black Arts

1. The Dark Age Has Arrived 2. The Secrets Of The Black Arts 3. My Dark Desires 4. The Dawn No More Rises 5. When Angels Forever Die 6. The

Artist Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral is a Swedish black metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, founded by guitarists Blackmoon and Lord Ahriman in 1993. They emerged during the second wave of black metal. Their lyrical themes have traditionally pertained to Satanism and anti-Christianity. Certain past