Albums Persistence

1. Sub-Creatures 2. Throne Of Sin 3. Wall Of Sanity 4. Vanishing Act 5. Voiceless Army 6. Eulogy 7. Blastbeat Of My Heart 8. New Time 9. Lord Of The

Albums Watch Us Deteriorate

1. Blackened Image 2. Severe Punishment 3. Defiance Of Supremacy 4. Faith Redefined 5. Host Machine 6. Dead Cold Emotion 7. Soulstabbed 8. Worlds Collide 9. Existence Terminated “Watch Us

Artist Crystalic

It all began in 1998 at a local youthcenter’s bombshelter in Tampere. Guitarist Toni Tieaho formed CRYSTALIC, wanting to play his kind of music. In the beginning the band suffered