Albums Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est

1. Vi åpner porten til helvete… 2. The Frostbitten Woodlands of Norway 3. Start Up the Incinerator (Here Comes Another Useless Fool) 4. Submit to Satan!!! 5. Diabolism (The Seed

Albums Defending the Throne of Evil

1. It’s Darker than You Think 2. Skjend hans lik 3. The Well of All Human Tears 4. Put to Sleep like a Sick Animal!!! 5. Hymne til døden 6.

Albums Morbid Fascination of Death

1. Fever, Flames and Hell 2. Doomed to Walk the Earth as Slaves of the Living Dead 3. Morbid Fascination of Death 4. Through Self-Mutilation 5. Knokkelmann 6. Warlord of

Albums Strange Old Brew

1. Intro – Damnation Chant 2. Bloodcleansing 3. Mask of the Slave 4. Martyr / Sacrificulum 5. Thanatology 6. The Suicide Song 7. House of the Whipcord 8. Cloak of

Albums Black Shining Leather

1. Black Shining Leather 2. The Swordsmen 3. Death Triumphant 4. Sadomasochistic 5. Lupus 6. Pierced Genitalia 7. In Silence I Observe 8. Lunar Nights 9. Third Attempt 10. The

Artist Carpathian Forest

Carpathian Forest is a Norwegian black metal band formed by Nattefrost and Nordavind in 1992. In late 1990, the band originally started under the name Enthrone by Nattefrost (then bearing the pseudonym Lord Nosferatu) and Nordavind (who used