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News CANDLEMASS To Release ‘House Of Doom’ EP in May

“House Of Doom”, the brand-new song by CANDLEMASS, is the soundtrack of the game with the same name, which was co-designed by the legendary Swedish doom […]
Albums Psalms For The Dead

Prophet The Sound Of Dying Demons Dancing In The Temple (Of The Mad Queen Bee) Waterwitch The Lights Of Thebe Psalms For The Dead The […]
Albums Death Magic Doom

If I Ever Die Hammer Of Doom The Bleeding Baroness Demon Of The Deep House Of 1000 Voices Dead Angel Clouds Of Dementia My Funeral […]
Albums King Of The Grey Islands

Prologue Emperor Of The Void Devil Seed Of Stars And Smoke Demonia 6 Destroyer Man Of Shadows Clearsight The Opal City Embracing The Styx At […]
Albums Candlemass

Black Dwarf Seven Silver Keys Assassin Of The Light Copernicus The Man Who Fell From The Sky Witches Born In A Tank Spellbreaker The Day […]
Albums From The 13th Sun

Droid Tot Elephant Star Blumma Apt Arx/NG 891 Zog Galatea Cyclo-F Mythos Oil   From the 13th Sun is the seventh studio album album by Swedish doom […]
Albums Dactylis Glomerata

Wiz I Still See The Black Dustflow Karthago Abstract Sun Apathy Lidocain God Soothe Me Into Oblivion   Dactylis Glomerata is the sixth studio album by […]
Albums Chapter VI

The Dying Illusion Julie Laughs No More Where The Runes Still Speak The Ebony Throne Temple Of The Dead Aftermath Black Eyes The End Of […]
Albums Tales Of Creation

The Prophecy Dark Reflections Voices In The Wind Under The Oak Tears Into The Unfathomed Tower The Edge Of Heaven Somewhere In Nowhere Through The […]
Albums Ancient Dreams

Mirror, Mirror A Cry From The Crypt Darkness In Paradise Incarnation Of Evil Bearer Of Pain Ancient Dreams The Bells Of Acheron Epistle No. 81 […]
Albums Nightfall

Gothic Stone The Well Of Souls Codex Gigas At The Gallows End Samarithan Marche Funebre Dark Are The Veils Of Death Mourner’s Lament Bewitched Black […]
Albums Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Solitude Demon’s Gate Crystal Ball Black Stone Wielder Under The Oak A Sorcerer’s Pledge   Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is the debut album of the Swedish doom metal band Candlemass. It was released […]
Artist Candlemass

Formation and early career (1984–1990) After the breakup of his first band Nemesis, bassist Leif Edling started his own band under the name Candlemass with vocalist Johan […]