Interviews Interview and Photo Report – Kalmah, Brymir and Suotana 8.6 in Turku, Finland

Interview with Kalmah and photos from the gig in Turku, Finland including Kalmah, Brymir and Suotana. Photos and Interview: Serena Solomon Suotana Brymir Kalmah  

Albums Wings Of Fire
Reviews Brymir – Wings of Fire

Finnish Symphonic Death metal heroes Brymir  released their third studio album Wings of Fire on 8.2.2019. At first listen, it felt a bit chaotic and not recognizably Brymir, but after getting

Albums Slayer of Gods

Intro – 1.49 For Those Who Died – 3.41 Risen – 3.54 The Black Hammer – 3.29 Nephilim – 2.38 Prelude – 1.19 Slayer of Gods – 8.39 Thus I

Albums Breathe Fire To The Sun

Intro – 1.55 Unconquerable – 6.02 In Silence – 6.17 Free Man’s Path – 6.26 Burning Within – 3.15 Withering Past – 5.07 Cycle of Flame – 5.19 Ragnarök –

Artist Brymir

Brymir is a Finnish epic / orchestral metal band founded in 2006 at a summer music camp under the name LAI LAI HEI (named after the popular Ensiferum song of