Concerts Saarihelvetti 2020

Report and photos by Serena Solomon A few days of relief from the monotonous, gigless summer. Saarihelvetti 2020 was one of few festivals that luckily were able to stay strong

Interviews Interview and Photo Report – Kalmah, Brymir and Suotana 8.6 in Turku, Finland

Interview with Kalmah and photos from the gig in Turku, Finland including Kalmah, Brymir and Suotana. Photos and Interview: Serena Solomon Suotana Brymir Kalmah  

Albums Wings Of Fire

01. Gloria In Regum 02. Wings Of Fire 03. Ride On, Spirit 04. Sphere Of Halcyon 05. And So We Age 06. Hails From The Edge 07. Starportal 08. Vanquish

Reviews Brymir – Wings of Fire

Finnish Symphonic Death metal heroes Brymir  released their third studio album Wings of Fire on 8.2.2019. At first listen, it felt a bit chaotic and not recognizably Brymir, but after getting

Albums Slayer of Gods

Intro – 1.49 For Those Who Died – 3.41 Risen – 3.54 The Black Hammer – 3.29 Nephilim – 2.38 Prelude – 1.19 Slayer of Gods – 8.39 Thus I

Albums Breathe Fire To The Sun

Intro – 1.55 Unconquerable – 6.02 In Silence – 6.17 Free Man’s Path – 6.26 Burning Within – 3.15 Withering Past – 5.07 Cycle of Flame – 5.19 Ragnarök –

Artist Brymir

Brymir is a Finnish epic / orchestral metal band founded in 2006 at a summer music camp under the name LAI LAI HEI (named after the popular Ensiferum song of