Albums Godsend

01. Waves of Black 02. The Unfinished Story 03. Devourer 04. Alysia 05. My Route 06. Pieces 07. Ask And You Shall Receive 08. August 09. On My Throne 10.

Albums Heal

Quiet Complaint The Last Of Us Architects We Form The Broken Remnants Six Feet Savior Times We Had Divinia Requiem Of Our Last Days

Albums Where The Oceans Burn

The Greatest Time Of Change Valkyrie Mortal Paradigm There Will Be Blood Where The Sinners Crawl Oceans On Fire Bastard’s Seed Ethereal Perdition Memento Mori

Albums Lifebound

We Lived Like Kings Above All Speed Superstar Arcadia Castle Ashtray Ghost Wounds Scapegoat Leverage The Conquerer Of Regret, Fear & Forgiveness We Die Like Heroes

Artist Bloodred Hourglass

Bloodred Hourglass, also known as BRHG, is a metal band from Mikkeli, Finland. The history of the project roots back to 2005, when the first self-made demo was scratched together. The first