Albums The Last Day Before the First

  1.- The Price To Pay 3:32 2.- The Beginning Of A Fire 3:31 3.- Free To Scream 3:58 4.- Bloodcurdling Dome 4:17 5.- Torn You Within 4:40 6.- Sulfur On My Skin 4:57 7.- In Your Play 3:30 8.- My Escape 4:13 9.- Where’s The Good

Albums Mental Circus

Mental Circus is the debut album from Bloodpit, a Finnish rock band. It was released on Beemvees/Playground Music in 2005. “Bad Echo” “In A Furnace” “Platitude” “Autumn” “Bad-Ass Blues” “For The Time

Artist Bloodpit

Bloodpit is a Finnish hard rock band. Before 1998 the band has been named “RIP” and “Turmio”. It was founded in 1994 by Matthau Mikojan (Matti Mikkonen), lead singer, and Paavo Pekkonen, guitarist. They