Albums The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
News KATATONIA Guitarist On Band’s Hiatus: “There’s A Lot Of Things To Be Solved”

In December 2017, Katatonia announced they’d be rescheduling a handful of tour dates due to the medical situation of guitarist Roger Öjersson, after whose performances they’d go on short-term hiatus “to re-evaluate

News BLOODBATH-Announce New Album: The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn

It’s been four years since the release of Grand Morbid Funeral, and Swedish death metalers Bloodbath are ready to assault your eardrums once more. Described to be, “even darker, nastier

News BLOODBATH-The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn

Earlier today, we reported that Swedish death metal band Bloodbath have been posting on their Facebook page, a possible teaser for their upcoming album. More pictures have been posted to

News BLOODBATH-Says To Keep Your Eyes On October 26

On a recent Facebook posting, Swedish death metal supergroup Bloodbath have announced a date of “26 October”. Along with the letters T. A. O. S. I. D, leading fans to believe

News The European Apocalypse Tour: Featuring-Kreator and Dimmu Borgir

German thrashers Kreator have announced they will be teaming up with Norway’s Dimmu Borgir for The European Apocalypse, a co-headlining tour featuring support by Hatebreed and Bloodbath. Comments Dimmu Borgir

News BLOODBATH Forced To Postpone U.S. Tour

Swedish Death Metal supergroup BLOODBATH announced that all the dates off their upcoming North American tour, including their appearance at Maryland Deathfest, have been postponed. The band explained the situation

Albums Grand Morbid Funeral

1. Let the Stillborn Come to Me 2. Total Death Exhumed 3. Anne 4. Church of Vastitas 5. Famine of God’s Word 6. Mental Abortion 7. Beyond Cremation 8. His

Albums The Fathomless Mastery

1. At the Behest of Their Death 2. Process of Disillumination 3. Slaughtering the Will to Live 4. Mock the Cross 5. Treasonous 6. Iesous 7. Drink from the Cup

Albums Nightmares Made Flesh

1. Cancer of the Soul 2. Brave New Hell 3. Soul Evisceration 4. Outnumbering the Day 5. Feeding the Undead 6. Eaten 7. Bastard Son of God 8. Year of

Albums Resurrection Through Carnage

1. Ways to the Grave 2. So You Die 3. Mass Strangulation 4. Death Delirium 5. Buried by the Dead 6. The Soulcollector 7. Bathe in Blood 8. Trail of

Artist Bloodbath

Bloodbath is a Swedish death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1998. The band has released four full-length albums, two EPs and two DVDs depicting their performances at Wacken Open Air (in 2005) and Bloodstock Open Air (in 2010).