Albums Violent Pop

1. Gun 2. Over My Dead Body 3. Died Enough For You 4. Fever 5. Timebomb (Feat. Alex Mattson) 6. Snake (Feat. GG6 from Amaranthe) 7. One Of Us 8.

Albums Blood Brothers

1. Trigger 2. Sharks Love Blood 3. Wolfpack 4. Elephant in the Room 5. Out of Town 6. My Heart is a Hurricane 7. Giants 8. Like a Brother 9.

Albums Revolutions

1. Bullet (With Your Name On It) 2. Darker Than Black 3. Enemy For Me 4. Pitfall 5. Deja Fu** 6. Hold On To Hopeless 7. What’s Wrong 8. My

Artist Blind Channel

BLIND CHANNEL is a band from Oulu, Finland, formed in September 2013. The band plays “violent pop”, which is heavy music, with pop elements, blinkers and lighter songs. The band