Albums For the Love of Art and the Making

1. In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement) 2. Creep Evil 3. Sleeping Beauty – The Journey 4. Purity 5. Sleeping Beauty – Connected 6. Tongue Angel 7. I

Albums Section X

1. Be Careful It’s My Head Too 2. The Path Of Darkness 3. Shadow Self 4. Sleeping Beauty 5. The Dark Side 6. Portrait F In Dark Waters 7. Ecstasy

Albums The Devil’s Hall of Fame

1. Hellfire 2. Godless Wicked 3. Shadowland 4. The Devil’s Waltz 5.  Crying 6. The Devil’s Hall Of Fame 7. Closing The Circle 8. Perfect Dark   The Devil’s Hall of Fame is the first studio

Albums Lurking Fantasia

1. Rage 2. Lurking Fantasia 3. Jewels In The Dark 4. Eyes 5. The Carousel Of Life 6. Requiem   Lurking Fantasia is a demo album by the Danish band Beyond Twilight. It was released in

Artist Beyond Twilight

Beyond Twilight is a progressive metal band from Denmark. The band was originally formed by Finn Zierler in 1992 under the name “Twilight“. Twilight attracted international attention releasing the debut album Eye For An